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At our Driving School in Swansea  we can offer Intensive Driving Course for those that want to pass quickly. We offer all types of Driving Courses.

Because we are flexible in the way our Courses are structured, there is no need to take time off work or use your Holidays up.

12 Hour Driving Courses

For pupils that have nearly completed their Driving Course. Or those that have arrived from other countries.
Cost £410 

18 Hour Driving Course

For those that have had Driving experience of about 15 hours. Or a Mini Starter Course for Beginners.

Cost £590

Driving School Swansea

Refresher Driving Course

Pupils who come from other countries want to get used to Driving in Cardiff . We offer Refresher lessons, and for those that have passed and want to learn some new skills, or have not driven for a while.

Mobility Disabled Drivers 

We offer Mobility Disabled Drivers the opportunity to also learn to drive.Discuss your needs with us. See if we can help you.


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